• wavy windy quest


    it’s not red, but this is the red sea on the shore of jeddah, saudi arabia. photography by ssj

    is the wave
    that creates the wave
    that creates the wave
    that creates the wave
    that reaches my feet
    the same wave
    that reaches my feet?


  • One, two, three, here goes another trilogy
    quite different from that ‘3 on Anatomy’.
    This one spins a mystery
    that spirals from drones to ants to a neighbor’s tree
    and a quandary that begs for sophistry.

    trilogy of very short stories  
    (or, a spiral from sky to sophistry)


  • Child’s Play


    ibzy & imzy. photography by SSJ, 2016

    they hack it their way.
    the proof is in the doing.
    the smiles say magic.

    © SSJ 2016

  • Dragonflies


    photo courtesy of ChanhNguyen,

    As a child, have you tried chasing dragonflies across a meadow? Or watched them skim over brooks and pools of rain water? Some memories live like dragonflies. They can suddenly glide in, or glide out of view. Repeatedly, yet elusively. Catch them, and they catch you, and close the gap between the Then and the Now.



  • Prime Time

    Presidents of the World
    The man i see on news time always is
    Smiling white teeth and all
    In a time now when kidnapping
    Is a profitable preoccupation

    Cosmos falling falling down
    Descended plutonium blasting
    The inhibitions in us


  • The Fish of the Current


    Mashup image of Aldo Moro photo and the world map

    And what have become of your
    historic compromise
    between your christians and
    your valid communists,
    parliamentary procedures and
    your program of government?


  • geopolitics-02

    Mashup image of Obama airport arrival and world map

    We live in very interesting and painful times. But lest we think that this is only true today, let’s not be naive. Two poems in the poetry collection At The Edge of Things (1979) are being posted this week to remind us that, time and again, we’ve been through very interesting and painful times. Sometimes we remember, sometimes we forget, sometimes we learn, sometimes we don’t. And the world continues to twirl on its axis, at times in a song and dance to lull us into getting comfortable, and at other times, like a top to send us spinning on tenterhooks.


  • pay-937884_1280

    image courtesy of


    (the following pages are from a short story written by Said Sadain, Jr)


  • To Chaos and Beyond


    entanglements. photography by ssj

    confused branches hold up the leaves
    a shade, a home, a growing,
    a weaving, an entanglement, a snare
    beyond, the infinite

    ©  ssj  2015

    WordPress Photo Challenge: Lines
    WordPress Photo Challenge: Chaos

  • binary-1695475_1920

    image courtesy of


    the scape of my mind
    no sun can ever divine.
    shine. online. sublime.

    © copyright ssj nov. 2016

    WordPress Daily Prompt Challenge: Hyperbole

  • mirror, mirror


    mirror, mirror   photography by ssj

    mirror mirror on the wall:
    who is monitoring my calls,
    my emails and my fb wall?

    © copyright ssj nov. 2013