• Flight


    morning in a jeddah neighborhood. photography by ssj

    Morning hears the panicking
    Of fearful birds in the eye of sun
    And settle only when
    Blinding red shall close them down
    On horizontal weariness.

    Then Evening listens to the sighing
    Tracking on her knees it seems
    Sounds of living that have died
    And those of living that shall die
    And tiny hearts would beat along
    The rhythm of a vastness.

    -©  1979 SSJ

    Author’s note: The poem ‘Flight’ is part of a collection of 8 poems, At The Edge of Things, written and published in FOCUS Philippines magazine way, way back in 1979 when I was still a student of electrical engineering. In time, I shall be posting the rest of the collection, in line with my effort to homestead most of my previous and current literary works here, in one place. And yes, this blog will present new materials too. Mostly poetry, some short fiction.

  • wavy windy quest


    it’s not red, but this is the red sea on the shore of jeddah, saudi arabia. photography by ssj

    is the wave
    that creates the wave
    that creates the wave
    that creates the wave
    that reaches my feet
    the same wave
    that reaches my feet?


  • The Generosity of Entropy

    There is less pressure in the unknown, in the undefined, in the free-flowing. Until they become known, until their forms get defined, and until their substances are made to flow in meaningful directions and momenta. (more…)