• elon’s basilisk


    Above images are screenshots of some of Elon Musk’s tweets about his cave rescue bid. “Something’s messed up if this is not a good thing.”  — EM

    elon’s basilisk

    elon musk’s kid-size submarine is a no go
    it’s quite too late for the rescue,
    he could have been a roadster hero
    instead he’s nursing a bruised ego.

    he shrugs and smiles at any rate, 
    the world is as it should be today.

    he rolls up his sleeves above the hype
    to pull out more of his rocket tricks,
    he surely knows there’s more to life
    than craven caves and dropping bricks.

    the sun is generous, and powerpacks are rife 
    he’ll down the coffee, and defer to the basilisk.   

    © said sadain, jr.  2018


  • the cave


    the cave

    darkness yawns to claim
    and hold the heart of nations
    deep in suspension.

    the cave masters

    great depths of darkness
    can never measure up to
    grand spirit of man.

    © said sadain, jr.  2018


  • revolution


    has it come to this? a world
    that wobbles on its heels
    and stands still to try
    a futile balancing act.


  • ambush

    image is a mashup from photos contributed by shrutikhanna and PublicDomainArchive @

    Abdul, on the eve of an ambush

    a rifle rests in my arms for now
    steel chilling the bones which ache
    for the children and the wife in my mind
    and the maddening smell of morning rice
    as in a dream along my nape
    covered with hungry hair.


  • For this post, allow me to share with my blogging community glimpses of an unlikely world that you, dear reader, may not normally find yourself in: the Masjid an-Nabawi (or Prophet’s Mosque) of Madinah al-Munawwarah (the Enlightened City) in Saudi Arabia.


    the Masjid an-Nabawi surrounded by its wide piazza, its giant umbrellas still folded in the early morning. photography by ssj


  • a tense life


     a Cordyline species red-fruited palm lily. photography by ssj, 2013

    a tense life
    against a calm sky,
    a clear day,
    but only for a while.

    © said sadain, jr. 2013


  • In a parallel universe, I would have been a prolific writer, churning out, day and night, streams of  prose and poetry, and kilometric reams of novels and essays, you would wonder if I ever stop for anything, if I ever sleep a blink (assuming you would also be in that parallel universe). But no, I am in this universe, where I stop for red lights and sleep like a log, and blog in a most laconic way. And you, probably amused by now about what, if ever, may have happened to that book project I wrote about here a few times last year.


  • this is water




    image by Comfreak at

    this is water

    this is water we must learn to love
    while it embraces us beneath our skins
    and with our best to keep it pure
    lest we forget to swim and drown in sins.


  • The Tempest


    image by photo-graphe at

    The Tempest

    It looms on the horizon riding the back of waves
    raising sails in ashen canvas that can only burst
    to spread fury and fire rains and dancing dervishes.
    It draws in breath to still the air
    so that palm fronds will cock their ears
    and sand crabs will freeze their eyes
    while rocks and roots will beat like bulls
    a rhythm for an ancient ritual dance.


  • a sun song


    sunrise from beneath the wings, photography by ssj

    a sun song

    sun lifts from beneath
    steel wings of anxiety,
    pensile promises.