• a wordy haiku?


    image is a mash-up by ssj from photos of FelixMittermeier and geralt

    word power

    words are mighty source
    of both understanding and

    © said sadain, jr. 2018


  • a crabby haiku

    of crabs and mentalities 

    why do you get blamed
    for their own mentalities?
    o crab, you’re just fine.

    © said sadain, jr. 2018 



    the wind will have its purpose

    the wind ruffles my thoughts
    that cling like leaves to branches,

    a tree takes root, a bird must fly
    and leaves will whisper to the wind


  • mt. tumantangis

    mt. tumantangis

    (from the collection: Mt. Tumantangis and Other Poems on Sulu)

    she lays open the breast to the sea
    and crouches low enough to ward off the winds,
    her brows impose the wisdom of the time
    harder than the jutting rocks, yet gentle
    as the blue of the sky that crowns.


  • arrivals


    Arrivals, an image of naval boats and soldiers disembarking, mashed up by SSJ from Internet images found here and here


    (from the collection: Mt. Tumantangis and Other Poems on Sulu)

    the wharf is like the season’s face
    it marks the time,
    the coming and the going
    witness the breeze dive
    to kiss the expectant waves,
    or the wind howl to shake
    the complacent crests,
    the gray iron boat approaches
    as a plundering heap.


  • Devora de Bris

    Devora de Bris,
    she breaks her fast
    with dwindling hydrogen thrust,
    toasted titanium
    and a cracked cranium,


  • the calm


    A typical scene in Sulu & Tawi-tawi islands, when calmness is a boat cradled by the gentle sea in the safety of a wharf on a breezy, sunny day. Photo of a Simunul Island wharf by Harly Limlingan Marcuap of, 2013.

    the calm

    (from the collection: Mt. Tumantangis and Other Poems on Sulu)

    it haunts the people’s dream of comfort too.
    the cozy rooms, the furnished halls
    drive the cold out into the night
    and into the poor man’s house, it nurses
    the bleeding lungs, the muted mouth.
    and when a launch docks beside the wharf
    with shrill hoots in the early dawn
    arrival is no more wakeful than
    departures in the afternoon.


  • the waves of sulu

    (All photos are courtesy of Harly Limlingan Marcuap of


    the waves of sulu

    a boy contemplates the nipa huts
    beneath the coconut trees as a patch
    firewoods for the sacrificial pyre
    and the land heaves beside the waves.
    he rows as a speck in the sea
    his arms full now, his eyes deep
    scan the point on the beach
    where once a father had dearly bled.


  • dino-draw-002-lighten-02c

    surreal image mashed up by SSJ from his photo of damas trees, and images from courtesy of aitoff, Capri23auto and Clker-Free-Vector-Images

    the damas trees of sitteen 

    green conocarpus
    dinosaurs lined up in mid
    island of sitteen

    silent witnesses
    to the flow of red-tailed worms
    this side of the world


  • dawn



    a stilt house community along the shores of patikul in the sulu archipelago at sunrise, photo by Harly Limlingan Marcuap of,  2013


    the causeways rattle under
    sleepy feet waking
    to the call to prayer at dawn;
    winds snake from
    below the sea as sharp bites
    to a native reality
    and the tide gently laps
    to grace the burdened stilts.