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elon’s basilisk

elon’s basilisk elon musk’s kid-size submarine is a no go it’s quite too late for the rescue, he could have been a roadster hero instead he’s nursing a bruised ego. he shrugs and smiles at any rate,  the world is … Continue reading

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the cave

the cave darkness yawns to claim and hold the heart of nations deep in suspension. the cave masters great depths of darkness can never measure up to grand spirit of man. © said sadain, jr.  2018   ___________________ Related readings: … Continue reading

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revolution has it come to this? a world that wobbles on its heels and stands still to try a futile balancing act.

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Abdul, on the eve of an ambush

Abdul, on the eve of an ambush a rifle rests in my arms for now steel chilling the bones which ache for the children and the wife in my mind and the maddening smell of morning rice as in a … Continue reading

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The Umbrellas of Madinah

For this post, allow me to share with my blogging community glimpses of an unlikely world that you, dear reader, may not normally find yourself in: the Masjid an-Nabawi (or Prophet’s Mosque) of Madinah al-Munawwarah (the Enlightened City) in Saudi Arabia.

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a tense life

a tense life against a calm sky, a clear day, but only for a while. © said sadain, jr. 2013

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Peculiar Speed of the 5-7-5s

In a parallel universe, I would have been a prolific writer, churning out, day and night, streams of  prose and poetry, and kilometric reams of novels and essays, you would wonder if I ever stop for anything, if I ever … Continue reading

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