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The Umbrellas of Madinah

For this post, allow me to share with my blogging community glimpses of an unlikely world that you, dear reader, may not normally find yourself in: the Masjid an-Nabawi (or Prophet’s Mosque) of Madinah al-Munawwarah (the Enlightened City) in Saudi Arabia.

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Steel Structures by the Bay of the Garden City-State

Singapore may be small in size compared to its neighboring countries in South East Asia, but it is BIG in structures. Not just bigly 😉 We mean REALLY HUGE! I refer here to the Gardens by the Bay, a project … Continue reading

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If my memory still serves me right, back in kindergarten, we were taught a rhyme that went like this: “…away with coffee, away with tea, milk, milk come to me!…” At home I was however reciting  — nay, more like … Continue reading

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Dark Skies

Every once in a while, we break off from presenting our original works to share with you something profoundly awesome out there: the dark skies. And if you have a wanderlust for the wonders of the night skies, you know that the … Continue reading

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Looking Back Into Ten Years

Looking Back Into Ten Years is a collection of six poems first published in Focus Philippines magazine, issue of 5 April 1980. © SSJ 1980 Liquid seeping through the ground…   Might be in the deep night she came …   … Continue reading

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The Generosity of Entropy

There is less pressure in the unknown, in the undefined, in the free-flowing. Until they become known, until their forms get defined, and until their substances are made to flow in meaningful directions and momenta.

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