‘Wait Till This …’


image courtesy of WerbeFabrik, pixabay.com

savant flicks the switch

tenderly as a flower would curl
in the leaking secrecy of dawn,

computer breathes with the breaking lights
the chatter and purr of the new
breed of animals,

the human-god speaks odyssey
of colloid and crystal,

angels of heaven for
a bargaining of power,

the measure of the weather
light and dark, life and death

as wheels churn and electrons flow
in listless pulses to close
the heaving horizon,

angels of faith are outclassed by
litany of philosophers, mathematicians

and when angels of death are sent
(as some resort),
savant merely raises hands for

coolly wipes beads of sweat from the brows
while thus saying,

‘Wait Till You See This!’


Copyright © SSJ, 1979

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4 Responses to ‘Wait Till This …’

  1. Great story poem with a considerable depth of reference! I worry that the savants won’t be funded …

    • Hopefully, not for long, Dave! 🙂

      • Ah … did you mean ‘savant’ as a pejorative term? I was thinking of stuff like environmental science being starved of funds …

      • Not pejorative at all, Dave. I am with you on your concern, and I was actually hoping our fears would not last long with the, hopefully, early departure of the foolish gods of politics who shall, hopefully, drown in their own hubris. That’s a lot of hope!!! 😀 but as they say, hope springs eternal. 🙂

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