All before in the days

all before in the days
the easter shells off me were peeled
and out my umbilicus
were yanked the rainbows cold

a brave child i was blending
like lizard lazy into rocks
softer than the rim my days were
of a sun floated across
the nearness of gentle sky
in leaps and bounds my winds
cotton-candy rolled
in between mountains

there is just now scaling rocks
a bitter one of his barrenness
only dust and nothing floats is soft
on the sky surely not the scorch
even the birds get tired
and how the clouds could bleed
stranger the wind is his no more
no two mountains could cotton-roll

who exactly his predators were
he does not even know
and how to him they ever got
and who today changed am i

© SSJ 1980

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  2. Kae Bucher says:

    Really good

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