the lives words live

a handful of words
conjures imagination
stirs a world to life.

© SSJ 2017

Author’s Note:

Peculiar 5-7-5s And Other Imaginings

A haiku or a senryu, or less formally, a poem with a 5-7-5 syllabic construct, while being thrifty with its words and concise with its syllables, is a fine example of how even just a few words can be powerful enough to create worlds that are limited only by our imagination.

In a still-in-the-making book of some of my 5-7-5 constructs, I have set out to show some of these worlds in colored illustrations drawn by an artist designer who also happens to be my son, Zee 🙂  We’re actually both busy on other endeavors as well, so this collaboration may take a while to complete.

But we will aim for the resulting pages — when they do finally see the light of day — to be powerful enough to inspire in our readers the imagining of more worlds and to explore the varied peculiar lives that words live. Please stay with us for more updates on this collaboration, with sneak peeks into some of the in-process or completed pages as we go along.

And yes, finally, Twitter has won me over! You can follow my tweets at @ToBeSaidInBytes  — not that they are life-changing or anything close to that, just that they are … my tweets.  🙂

SSJ, 25 Aug. 2017  


image mash-up of Periodic Table of Elements and Skitterphoto’s quack table @

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  1. Imelda says:

    How nice collaborating with your son. All the best! 🌸

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