Devora de Bris

Devora de Bris,
she breaks her fast
with dwindling hydrogen thrust,
toasted titanium
and a cracked cranium,

and sails her way
to the nearest space station.

She’d hoped she’ll see
The Bus Station,

but sorry, not here, they say,
as they direct her way
to the farthest dark 

© said sadain, jr. 2017 

Author’s note:  Honk! when you get there.


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3 Responses to Devora de Bris

  1. A real problem. And an entertaining and amusing piece. Poor Devora. 😃

    • Devora will be fine… she’ll have her revenge someday all right… and get to see the bus station too! Meanwhile, there isn’t much we can do except to thank our lucky stars they’re also not falling down 😂

      Thank you for the flyby, Steve 😊

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