a wordy haiku?


image is a mash-up by ssj from pixabay.com photos of FelixMittermeier and geralt

word power

words are mighty source
of both understanding and

© said sadain, jr. 2018


image by geralt of pixabay.com


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10 Responses to a wordy haiku?

  1. Irene says:

    Oh, so true! 😉

  2. Salam! Glad to meet you here! Yey!😊 Thanks for the like too.

  3. stbarbebaker says:

    This is so true. Words are amazing….especially philology and etymology!!

    • Thanks for dropping by! Indeed, o Steward of the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area! And these fields of study will only become more interesting going into the future. Would philology develop a fool-proof method of distinguishing between fake news and words of truth? Would etymologists of the future get the chance to dissect how socmed might have evolved into a veritable wordwar zone when they look at our present times? In the Philippines free-wheeling press and politics, for instance, so-called ‘thought’ leaders are now talking about ‘weaponizing’ and ‘taking back’ the Internet as if words can still be reined in like a djinn out of the bottle 🙂

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