last man standing


car park interrupted, photography by SSJ, 2018

last man standing under the moon

this day each day the clock reminds
my eyes are tired as if i do not know,
the dark room unclasps me into the dusk
to grapple with bleary visions of tomorrow,
i am the last man standing under the moon


melancholy rests
in empty car parks at night
empery of gloom

while the moon teases the high tides
away from roads and highways that hold at bay
drudgery clawing from all sides of the world
spellbound i drive to get to this day each day
when clocks on walls uncompromising shall ebb and flux


shake your woozy mind
go find car in parking lot
save yourself tonight

© said sadain, jr. 2018


When did you last dedicate a poem to a car park?

I know, I know I did mention before that my next post is going to be a companion reader about the technologies mentioned in the Babel Rising series. And I did write that post up. But on second reading, I find it to be not much more than a listing that one may find dullish, unless of course one is like that gadget-crazy hiker who wears an eyeball-looking thingamajig (an iEye, was that!?) on his forehead in order to see on the HD+ AMOLED screen of his smartphone where he is going.

So back to the writing pad the companion reader must go for now, and rather than overload you with links all at once, I now intend to just shower you with trickles of posts that focus on one or two of these technologies every time, spiced up so you still get an interesting narrative each time. No guarantee though that these will come in regular trickles, nor would these trickles promise not to become erratic splashes at times.

For now, allow me to post another story by way of the poem and photo composition above. So when did you last dedicate a poem to a car park under the watchful eye of a glaring moon?  🙂

— SSJ, 9 March 2018 

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  2. This really resonates with me, Said. You’ve captured the loneliness of an empty car park after working back later than you should have, the contrast with the day’s busyness, and beautifully lyrical. ☯️ PS: I never wrote about those car parks, and now I think I should have.😄

  3. Shagun says:

    It’s an extremely unique line of thought, very pleasant to read 🙂

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