a sun song


sunrise from beneath the wings, photography by ssj

a sun song

sun lifts from beneath
steel wings of anxiety,
pensile promises.

come what may this way
stretched-out arms embrace the sky,
a new day arrives.

© said sadain, jr. 2018


calm what may, photography by ssj


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5 Responses to a sun song

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Terrific idea beautifully executed

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  3. Yes, uplifting, just like the wings of the plane. Love that reflected strip of sunlight, and the way you captured it as metaphor in the poem. Very enjoyable, Said. ☀️

    • Thanks, Steve. I sure did love that strip of sunlight as well upon realizing that the plane’s engine was not on fire. It actually looked more menacing when I first lifted the window shade & was greeted by that sight 🌞

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