a tense life


 a Cordyline species red-fruited palm lily. photography by ssj, 2013

a tense life
against a calm sky,
a clear day,
but only for a while.

© said sadain, jr. 2013


a Cycas species (sago palm cycad). photography by ssj, 2013 


  • A Tense Life: Past tense. Present tense. Future tense?
  • Both Cordyline and Cycas plants were found thriving abundantly on the soils of Pulau Kapas in the State of Terengganu, Malaysia (as of 2013)
  • WordPress Photo Challenge: Lines

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7 Responses to a tense life

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  3. It is mysterious, Said, for me at least, but as you know, I enjoy that. To me, a storm would have been brewing, although perhaps because I tend to think that way. Also enjoyed the photographs, particularly the tones in the second one

    • Thank you for your thoughful comment, Steve. Come to think of it, a mystery, a storm brewing, life itself… they all hold the promises of potential energy, all infused with tension, much like a coil spring. Even the double helix structure of our DNA speaks of tension. And when that energy is unleashed as kinetic, again it is tension that influences it velocity. I’d like to think that tension is perhaps another dimension in the fabric of our universe, much like space and time, without which we would have been in another kind of existence (or universe). Absent that dimension, maybe we would be in a heavenly existence. Or if that dimension happens to be more pronounced than say space or time, maybe we would be in a hellish existence 😀

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. And yes, the second one especially impresses me for its portrayal of life (as I see it) as all growth and energy and atrophy, the lines of tension in their various stages of promises, fulfillment and decay.

      • My pleasure,Said. Wow, love your allegorical thoughts, from DNA out into the multiverse = a whole new post, or theory, or philosophy, or all of the above.😃

      • Thanks, Steve! I’d say, all of the above! the vaguer, the better! 😀 😀 And, yes, you’re welcome to develop those thoughts further into something more comprehensible, maybe even formulate the Nobel Prize-winning equations (hint, hint: superstrings!), if you have the heart for it 😀

      • My pleasure, Said. I never had what it takes for superstrings, trust me, but I am very content to scribble a little every now and then. 😉

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