photo of a signboard displayed at a borders store in Selangor, Malaysia. photography by ssj, 2019

‘nice to see, nice to hold,
once broken, considered sold.’  

— anonymously printed on a signboard at a borders store  

spells to sell

modern magic spells,
flasks of fortune to dispense
ancient human greed

stir up the cauldron,
lift the urns into the air,
there are no borders

longer than your smile,
wider than your appetite,
these spells are for sale.


–  © ssj 2019 


signboard displayed at a borders store in Selangor, Malaysia – no filters. photography by ssj, 2019



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6 Responses to enchanted

  1. It is sweet that they convey their message poetically. As usual, Said, your commentary on where we are and who we are rings very true. I’m afraid I see the signs everywhere that we are entering a new dark age of magical belief. Perhaps I should purchase some all natural, herbal elixir with antibacterial action that is guaranteed to stop me thinking that way.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Steve.

      I’d like to blame Starbucks’ mermaid queen with her star crown for giving me this eerie feeling that consumers are being enchanted into wanting to spend, spend, spend — and not just spend, but spend big! But of course this state of affairs is really more pervasive than just the aroma of a cup of coffee, and I think, Guy Kawasaki made a good point of this in his Enchantment book. Good luck on the elixir, Steve, may the Power be with you! 😀

      • My pleasure, Said. I wasn’t aware of the book, and I just looked it up, thanks for the reference. I’m not immune myself, I’ve recently bought a number of vinyl records: I suppose it’s a kind of enchantment, the enchanted dream of reliving the past.

  2. msjadeli says:

    Everyone is selling something, even if just their point of view… i do see us as a species under a spell, especially those of us who look into the magic mirror of consumerism.

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