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come brother and feel this pulse
rhyming with the flowing red.
its presence is evidence
that i have a heart like yours.

reach closer now and feel me breathe:
this chest heaves
with the warmth of the sunshine
in the morning chill,
it rages in the sultry air of
the noonday heat,
it freezes with the swelling
of the midnight breeze,
its essence is with the sameness
we inhale and exhale.

we rhyme in a flux of energy
bounded only by our imaginations.
feel this life if you must
that you may know
you are living in me,
dissect me and dissect yourself
if only to find out that we are of
the same chemistry:
we are one and our death
shall not be in vain.

–  © said sadain 2019


This is not exactly new material. This poem had been lying among old notes, unrefined, unpublished, faded and forgotten, except for the sad thoughts with which they were written during the conflicted times of my younger years. Nothing much has changed with the world since then, despite the angels & demons in the details of technological advances or the warming climate.  Just slightly modified.

— Said, 5 April 2019

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  1. Fabulous post

  2. Please read my first post

  3. msjadeli says:

    Not sure if you have seen my A2Z entries this month but my theme is to show how symbols, and, by extension, cross all cultures, which are made up of individuals. It’s a few steps removed from your poem today, but the concept is the same. I’m glad you decided to take it out of the discard/other file and publish. Your message is a good one.

    • Thank you, Lisa. You’ve chosen a challenging A2Z theme, a lot of interesting information you’ve collected and presented there so far. I can just imagine the effort you are putting into this every day, and it’s only about a third of the alphabet done! 🙂 Good luck for the rest of the month!

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