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A good friend once described some of my recent poems as ‘playful’.  I didn’t get a chance to clarify what he meant by that, but if ‘playful’ means I seem to be enjoying writing my poems, I certainly do. At times, I’d experiment on words as well as mixing media, and enjoy those too 🙂 Over the last few years, I have come up with a few ‘poem videos’, not too profound really, and certainly not the kind of slam-bang performance poetry videos at Button Poetry and the artsy films at Moving Poems. I do enjoy listening to Button Poetry videos on YouTube, with this one by Phil Kaye as a favorite, but I digress.

Going back to my mixed media tinkering, I like to sync them with some great movie soundtrack, but copyright considerations keep me from doing much with these versions except for my private viewing, sorry. In any case, if you want to view the poetry video that I share here with a recommended soundtrack, you can try playing the video with something like the music of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ (from the movie Inception) lingering in the background. And maybe enjoy with a warm cup of black coffee?  🙂

the art of listening while doodling

listen to me
even when i am
(in parenthesis)
an interlude
that does not rest
i am there
in the clouds
breathing like the wind
in full banded colors
of your imaginings
even when i go
((into more parentheses))
i am there
bluewing, blueming
behind your eyes
while you pay attention
to the doodling
that entrains
(((in more parentheses)))
your heart

copyright © ssj 2012

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