life breathes on

Here’s another play at mixing media: the poem ‘Light Breathes On’ presented in a video capture, from behind obscure glass, of pigeons nesting just outside my window, this time with Bach’s composition ‘Awake, Calls The Voice To Us, BWV 140’ synced into the background.

The poem was written in March 2010, as with the recording of the video, and partly took inspiration from the Beatles song ‘In My Life’ as performed by James Taylor in the In Memoriam portion of the 82nd Oscars ceremony of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, March 27, 2010.

Meanwhile, the pigeons have continued to nest on my windowsills through the years, sometimes their eggs failing to hatch, sometimes their young noisily chirping for some time before growing their own wings of life strong enough to ride the flowing light.

light breathes on

light breathes on
window frame,
light on flailing
wings of life,
dispels dark doubts
with thoughts of love,
as fleeting life
which feeds on
flowing light.

copyright © ssj 2010

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