3 on Anatomy


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When you find sad hearts
that know no love and patience:
Forget smarts, just farts.


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They sink ships, crash planes:
so stay away from loose tongues –
Terrors and assbrains.


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Beware of backpains
when sprinting for salvation.
Knives swing: Shades and Manes.

Copyright © SSJ  May 2016

Author’s Note: With this post, I have introduced ‘politics’ to categorize some of my writings. From where I come from, one cannot avoid writing about politics, not even for someone who learned his first poetry from sweet nursery rhymes and lullabies, and initially thought poems were only meant for romantics.  That innocent world would not last long. Ever since, it has been a constant struggle to capture and bring that innocence back to an ideal place at my bedside table, to lull me into slumber at nights in order to better face the challenges of the coming day. Writing has served to help me cross that bridge every now and then, especially when I feel I have toiled for too long outside that innocent world.

The poem ‘3 on Anatomy’ is as current as I can get to politics as it is unfolding now, in the year of elections in the Philippines. One may pay more attention to it, or may remain heedless. One can read more into it, or even apply it elsewhere, and may be none the wiser. When I get back to posting a couple more poems in my 1979 collection, At The Edge of Things, I shall be able to provide more context to my current take on Philippine politics, oddly enough, by looking back into events of the late 70s (& early 80s).

– Sand Stars Journal, 29 Oct. 2016

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