Trilogy of Very Short Stories

One, two, three, here goes another trilogy
quite different from that ‘3 on Anatomy’.
This one spins a mystery
that spirals from drones to ants to a neighbor’s tree
and a quandary that begs for sophistry.

trilogy of very short stories  
(or, a spiral from sky to sophistry)

1. ants on the screen

it was even better that the targets appeared like ants on his screen as he released the drone’s missiles … all in a day’s work of saving people’s lives.

2. the neighbor’s lanzones

when the ants started biting, his doubts hardened into remorseful certainty that he would have been better off not climbing the neighbor’s lanzones tree.

3. the case of the cupped palms

he rolled the soft orbs of lanzones inside his cupped palms: will he savor their sweetness, or will he put them into the cupped palms of the begging boy?

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