Elemental Haiku


mashup image of the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and the Periodic Table of Elements, ssj 2017. falls photo by juffi @ pixabay.com

While everyone is out there exploring the elements with their cameras, we take a break from posting original work for a fun weekend with the elemental table (or more properly called the Periodic Table of Elements), where even the elements of earth, wind, water and fire are drilled down to their elemental composition. We bring you this time a discovery of nifty haiku written by Mary Soon Lee for each element of the Periodic Table — surely, a delight for both the nebulous poet and the nerdy scientist.

Click here for Mary Soon Lee’s interactive elemental set of haiku  (#ChemHaiku) and visit her web site here.  For the non-interactive version of her haiku (and with a downloadable PDF file of the entire set of haiku to boot!), click here.

And to be sure this post does not disappoint the photography buffs who avidly took up the elemental photo challenge posed by Erica V. in The Daily Post, here is a view of the lush hillside forest that greets me whenever I get to visit Selangor, Malaysia. More than just a breathtaking scenery of refreshing thick foliage, treetops and open sky outside my window, whether in rain or shine, cloudy or clear skies, dewy or dry air, this view never fails to impress me with humility and gratitude at the prodigious generosity of the elements, the perfect balance of soil, air, water and light forging life in vivid colors:


hillside forest outside my window, selangor, malaysia, ssj 2017

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  2. Lignum Draco says:

    I’ve never seen the Periodic Table presented in a more beautiful way. Love the photo of Selangor as well.

  3. lam0beaner says:

    Loved your post!

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