walking on sand & sea


unretouched photo of clear sea on sand, @ the red sea. photography by ssj, 2017

walking on sand and sea

how can i mark time
with my footprints in the sand
beneath glassy sea?

© ssj 2017

Author’s note: 

In the above photo, the texture of the clear sea on sand may seem hard, rough and dry, but put your hand on its surface, and you would feel it soft, smooth and wet as … water ( what else? 🙂 )  Even the sand underneath actually feels soft and just a tad bit rough in a loose, granular way, certainly not hardy rough nor rocky solid as it looks. Appearances can thus be deceiving. Does that mean that the tactile experience is nearer to the truth than the visual experience? But then, we are reminded of the parable of the six blind men and an elephant to realize that our individual experiences, whether tactile or visual, can at best be limited, and the totality of truth can only be found in the respectful sharing of these experiences.   –  SSJ, 6 August 2017

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