2 while waiting


screen capture of poetry in progress on my mobile phone in a time of waiting. © SSJ 2015

the times we wait

everyone of us
at one time or another
has waited for something   
big and small happy or sad
a long time coming
or just around the bend
a beginning or an end
and what we do in those anxious
moments of waiting
can sometimes be more precious
than the awaited something

© SSJ 2017

Author’s note: 

The photo above is a screen capture of poetry in progress on my mobile phone while waiting in a mall. The background image was captured by a second mobile phone and re-inserted on the original phone as backdrop for the foreground text, which is a revision of the initial poetry in the background. Some days, I can go on and on like this quietly in a corner until the battery runs low and the waiting draws nigh.      

–  SSJ, 16 September 2017

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wild reader. writer in the wild. technologist at work. not necessarily in that order.
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  1. loshame says:

    I like your post 😊.

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