the cave


the cave

darkness yawns to claim
and hold the heart of nations
deep in suspension.

the cave masters

great depths of darkness
can never measure up to
grand spirit of man.

© said sadain, jr.  2018

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9 Responses to the cave

  1. Those little boys. Praying they are saved.

  2. Did you see the Elon Musk Tweet of the small rescue submarine?

    • Thanks for the info. A Falcon rocket hull! 🤓They’ve got it tested with a bigger person inside as well, albeit in a clear wide pool! It should work, but a simple glitch like the tearing/displacement of the oxygen tube(s) in a tight place would mean disaster for the guy inside. 😔

  3. amoralegria says:

    I was so glad to hear the news this morning that the boys and their coach were all saved! The rescuers put their lives on the line to save each one of them. God bless them!

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Katy. Indeed, a soccer team, and the men and women involved in this search and rescue drama, just won a bigger World Cup! 🙂 God bless them all.

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