elon’s basilisk


Above images are screenshots of some of Elon Musk’s tweets about his cave rescue bid. “Something’s messed up if this is not a good thing.”  — EM

elon’s basilisk

elon musk’s kid-size submarine is a no go
it’s quite too late for the rescue,
he could have been a roadster hero
instead he’s nursing a bruised ego.

he shrugs and smiles at any rate, 
the world is as it should be today.

he rolls up his sleeves above the hype
to pull out more of his rocket tricks,
he surely knows there’s more to life
than craven caves and dropping bricks.

the sun is generous, and powerpacks are rife 
he’ll down the coffee, and defer to the basilisk.   

© said sadain, jr.  2018


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4 Responses to elon’s basilisk

  1. I certainly hope that you’re right, Said, and I like the optimistic tone. For a long time, Musk has been a topic for debate in my family, and I have, perhaps unfairly, held a negative view of him and his “tricks.” Oh well.

    • I sincerely hope Musk is a good topic for debate, Steve, especially over family dinners 😀 Elon must be downing really bitter coffee these days. I don’t know anymore if he is being punished by the basilisk, or he is punishing the world with the basilisk, but things seem to be getting out of hand now. I refer to this developing story that greeted me early today:
      Suffer, Elon, suffer!?!

      • Thanks for the link, Said. I’m running late with WordPress as usual, and I noticed shares in his company were affected as well.

      • The Tesla (TSLA) shares had actually seen worse periods earlier in the year, even way before this entire cave rescue hullabaloo, so hopefully the company would rise or fall on its own performance merits, and not because of Elon’s dropping bricks now and then 😀

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