• mirror, mirror


    mirror, mirror   photography by ssj

    mirror mirror on the wall:
    who is monitoring my calls,
    my emails and my fb wall?

    © copyright ssj nov. 2013


  • the shot


    the shot that got the drop on the shooter.   photography by ssj

    two birds with one shot
    and there’s but one caveat:
    birds free, shooter not.  

    copyright © ssj  april 2016

  • 3 on Anatomy


    Image courtesy of Pixabay.Com

    When you find sad hearts
    that know no love and patience:
    Forget smarts, just farts.


  • life breathes on

    Here’s another play at mixing media: the poem ‘Light Breathes On’ presented in a video capture, from behind obscure glass, of pigeons nesting just outside my window, this time with Bach’s composition ‘Awake, Calls The Voice To Us, BWV 140’ synced into the background.


  • Video Poetry

    A good friend once described some of my recent poems as ‘playful’.  I didn’t get a chance to clarify what he meant by that, but if ‘playful’ means I seem to be enjoying writing my poems, I certainly do. At times, I’d experiment on words as well as mixing media, and enjoy those too 🙂 Over the last few years, I have come up with a few ‘poem videos’, not too profound really, and certainly not the kind of slam-bang performance poetry videos at Button Poetry and the artsy films at Moving Poems. I do enjoy listening to Button Poetry videos on YouTube, with this one by Phil Kaye as a favorite, but I digress.


  • gnomes in the mall


    the cavern of a mall, after hours. photography by ssj

    there’s no sadder place
    than a mall shuttered silent.
    green gnomes dream of hay.

    Copyright © SSJ  October 2016




    Photo of the Bard Laureate from The Guardian

    “How can the life of such a man
    Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?”
    – from ‘Hurricane, a song written by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy, 1975

    From any angle, radical defines Bob Dylan.


  • At The Edge of Things


    photo courtesy of

    Where affords the best of views
    The edge of a woodland yawns
    To the spiders of the wind, cotton-hard
    Caressing where one is stretched
    Between trees and skies;

  • the growing


    photo courtesy of

    liquid seeping through the ground
    and the life that sprouts is but
    a tiny strand of green and white;
    a root hugs the earth, a new leaf
    fixes face toward space and time
    azure now, then gray and windy
    and when some dogs bark, a spine
    quivers gently a consciousness.


  • Shells



    photo courtesy of

    There are more to them than
    name and symmetries
    colors and textures
    dwelling in the vastness of
    a fluidity that marks
    their nooks and crevices
    edges and eyes grasping
    the folds of an ocean.